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Analytica have successfully placed candidates with the world’s leading technology and consulting companies in hundreds of locations in over 50 countries worldwide.

Analytica are mindful of the complex employment and immigration laws in each and every country in the world, so we work with a number of global partners to ensure that all candidates we successfully identify are fully compliant.

Below are some examples of our success stories

Global Telecoms Software Solutions Vendor

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Following the clients’ acquisition of an Analytics vendor, Analytica were approached by one of our long-standing clients to help bolster their expertise in the Analytics and Big Data space.

Having been proactively expanding our network in this area for a number of years, to date we have been able to place four Technical experts including Architects and Data Scientists, in their HQ location, as well as Global Delivery Centre in Malaysia. Analytica were also instrumental in helping set up their Technical Sales practice across the EMEA and APAC regions.

As well as our collaboration with their Analytics Unit, we have made over 20 placements worldwide to date across their wider BSS/OSS teams, including Solution Architects and Project Managers in the EMEA region as well as 4 Regional Sales Directors in Latin America, also being instrumental in establishing their local Support function in the same region.

BSS/Policy Control Software Vendor

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Following a period of exciting growth, a leading BSS vendor was looking to revamp their Sales team worldwide, and identified a number of locations where they needed support.

In late 2016, Analytica secured a Regional Sales Director for their APAC operations team. As a result of this successful collaboration, we were enlisted to help them on a number of other confidential searches across the globe.

Given Analytica’s expertise and network in this domain, the Principal Consultant was able to quickly map the market and provide comprehensive shortlists for each role, with an average of 70+ candidates approached for each opportunity. Candidates with specific BSS experience and extensive networks were targeted, most of whom were already known to Analytica. Once candidates had been qualified against the client needs, no more than 5 profiles were submitted for each role, and a CV to interview ratio of over 90% was recorded against all requisitions.

The outcome was four placements across the APAC and EMEA regions, with excellent feedback from both candidates and clients on Analytica’s performance throughout the process.

Digital Telco Transformation supporting OSS & BSS

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In 2015 following a period of sustained subscriber growth and the acquisition of a wireline Operator, our Client saw the need for a Digital Telco Transformation to manage disparate network operations. The Client entered into a Multi-Year Digital Telco Transformation agreement with a Systems Integrator to support a wide portfolio of OSS/BSS and services.

The project created a huge demand for resources and in October 2015, Analytica was approached by the Systems Integrator to provide additional support for over 90 open requirements for the project.

Working very closely with the Head of Talent Aquisition and the Client team Analytica successfully identified, recruited and placed 24 candidates including Subject Matter Experts, Solution Architects, Integration and Support Engineers covering Order Management, CRM and BSCS.


Cellular Operator LATAM

Strategic Recruitment Project in Eastern Europe

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 In January 2017, we were approached by an important ServiceNow Gold Partner to undertake a strategic recruitment project in Eastern Europe with some very tight timescales. This is a very challenging market where a number of European and US companies already have a base. Working closely with the client Hiring Team, we pinpointed the specific profiles required and agreed an efficient recruitment process. With a very focused approach to this project, we presented 21 fully qualified CV`s within 2 weeks. The client interviewed every single one of them with 11 candidates receiving offers and agreeing start dates. This has been one of our most successful ITSM Recruitment assignments to date and the client is amazed at our ability to identify and secure this tough skillset.


ServiceNow Gold Partner

European growth plans into the automotive insurance telematics market

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We recently partnered with the Automotive division of a major global Wireless operator brand to support their European growth plans into the automotive insurance telematics market. Analytica worked closely with the HR and Hiring Team to understand and refine the challenging skills and experience requirements and the very tight timescales we were working to. After a detailed search of the European market and reliance on our trusted referral network, we made over 200 initial approaches, spoke with 60 candidates and came up with a short list of 8 potential candidates.

Out of these, 7 received interviews and 2 were shortlisted for the final selection process. Once again, Analytica enjoyed a successful outcome and two shortlisted candidates were both selected for Regional and Senior Sales and Business Development roles in Europe.


Connected Car/Insurance – Global Mobile Operator